The Opulent Enchantress


"Living a life of Opulence is the goal. Financial security is the key that opens the doors to living opulently."

~ The Opulent Enchantress


I am THE OPULENT ENCHANTRESS, also known as, HOUNSI EZILI KAY, Goddaughter and apprentice of HOUNGAN ZO.


In my role as an Assistant Director of Education. I assist HOUNSI TA OYO with her duties as Coven Mother of The Tavern. As an initiated Haitian Vodou Priestess of the House of Bawon, I specialize in removing blockages with the use of my mystic readings and messages from spirit. I will lead you to the path of abundance and financial prosperity.

You don’t have to chase the bag! Remove your blockages, and the money will flow to you freely.


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